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What We Do

Welcome to a world of empowerment, where we pave the way for individuals to achieve their career dreams. In the realm of Employment & Skills, our dedicated team at Big Onion Hubs possess a wealth of skills, connections, and experience across various industries. Through our projects in Sefton we address diverse challenges including those of young people through the Sefton Youth Hub. Additionally, we foster entrepreneurship in the vibrant region of Merseyside, incubating local businesses, providing bases, and collaborating on the Sefton Business Start-Up Programme. Join us in reshaping the High Street, fostering community development, and championing resilience for a brighter future.

Employment & Skills

Our work in this area seeks to empower people and set them on a pathway to realise their career goals.

Our Skills and Employment team based within our Big Onion Hubs have a wealth of bespoke skills and experience as well as connections across a variety of industrial sectors to support people who want to get back to work or move on with their careers.

In the borough of Sefton, we run a variety of projects targeted at supporting people who feel detached from the labour market. These projects include the Sefton Youth Hub programme, delivered in partnership with the Department of Work and Pensions. This programme is designed to support young people under 25 to develop their skills and levels of confidence and secure a job.

We recognise that there are many reasons that lead people to finding themselves out of work. Our approaches are person centred and focused on supporting the individual to address these issues and set them on a path to becoming more financially independent.

Business Start Up & Growth

Merseyside is a dynamic, creative and entrepreneurial region. Within the organisation we are committed to helping develop the next generation of business owners and social entrepreneurs. We have an excellent track record in this field spanning over 20 years. 

Within our Big Onion Hubs we incubate and advise 20 local retail businesses, provide a based for a further 25 enterprises and in partnership with Invest Sefton & SAFE Regeneration deliver the Sefton Business Start Up Programme across the borough.  In addition, we work with Liverpool John Moores Business School, Hugh Baird College and a number of other public, private and voluntary sector organisations to promote the development of enterprise skills through accredited training and deliver information, advise and guidance to those wanting to take the next step and start their business.

Our vision is to play a role in developing an improved and integrated business ecosystem in Sefton and working with key stakeholders to achieve aim

Redesigning the High Street

The High Street has and continues to face many challenges. The rise of internet shopping, growing business operational costs, the liquidation of numerous high street businesses, the changing habits of shoppers, the cost of living effect, plus a number of other national, regional and local issues has led to many malls, high streets and retail zones in towns and cities closing down, falling into disrepair and becoming a target for low level crime and anti-social behaviour.

Our Big Onion hubs seek to provide a model to help redesign these vacant commercial spaces and help bring local businesses and entrepreneurs, who have previously been priced out of the game, back onto the High Street.  We believe that we have to be creative in these spaces and offer greater retail diversity of products and services that have been lovingly crafted, created and sourced that offer quality and value for money….and sold by local people to local people, thus developing a more vibrant local circular economy.

We want to develop this model with our partners and grow our networks and in doing so play a key role in the recovery of our once thriving High Streets. 

Community Development

For 25 years we have been committed to helping create stronger and more resilient communities where people can thrive.  We are aware of the many challenges that people face on a day to day basis.  Through our work we aim to create the right conditions and opportunities for people to begin to address these issues and plan for their futures where they have a choice. 

Building on this commitment we work alongside and collaborate with a variety of organisations and local service providers to help assess local needs, design services and interventions that respond to this need and build stronger more resilient communities. 

Celebrating our communities and the people, organisations and businesses that make them what they are is important to us.  As such we regularly get involved and collaborate with others to deliver events and activities that shine a spotlight on our neighbourhoods. We will continue to play a leading role in this work going forward.  

Interested in working with us?

If you’re interested in working with The Big Onion, don’t hesitate to get in touch and be a part of the recovery.